Small Spaces

Small Spaces

This poem was supposed to be a challenge that a friend suggested. It was meant to be about living in small spaces but I thought, seeing as most of live in our heads, that this poem would be better suited to be about the battles and small spaces we call our thoughts.

Have a read below and let me know what you think of the poem in the comments section below. I would love to know what you think of it.


Stuck in the dark

Unable to move

Haunted by my thoughts

The walls closing in

Chasing me

Hunting me down

Without moving

Losing my breath



I can’t escape

I can’t breath


Help me

This small space

Chocking me

Sucking out life

As I fear the darkness

No light

No help


Closing in

Eyes open or shut

No difference

It’s dark in here


Empty but full

Full of darkness

I can’t get out

I can’t move

Please help me

Get me out

Get me out of here

The silent screams

Grabbing hold of me

Scratching at the walls

Let me out


Let me out

Crying quietly

For I can’t escape

This small space

The dark small space

That is my mind

I need out

These thoughts

Overthinking thoughts

Consuming me

Trapping me

In the small spaces

Of my mind

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