Father and Son

Father and Son

I wrote this poem for my son, Grayson. He stays with mom and I see him at every chance I get. It’s a lot but still, the fact that I don’t come home to him is a tough to get used to. No matter how long its been like this.

He is the most important person and aspect of my life and would do anything for him. Check out the poem below:

Father & Son

following him slowly
stepping in shoes
stumbling into his
knowing he is safe
gazing up at him
he sees strength
honor and he is proud
looking down at him
he rejoices with pride
for this his is light
his reason for being
the joy his heart
feels as he places
this delicate little
soul on his shoulders
together facing the world
seldom apart
a bond
of father and son
one that can never be
broken nor tainted
as the walk hand in hand
admiring one another
in respect and awe
i love my son
yet he may not
be near but
my heart sits with him
as he endures
these moments
i feel he loves me
i miss him as much
as he misses me
for a father and sons
bond is a bond
no one can fathom
i miss you my boy.

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