I Don’t Want To Be A Hoarder

I Don’t Want To Be A Hoarder

There is this ad that I saw on Adweek, I’ve put it below, of how we text and walk in Cape Town but end up walking into things. The ad is funny but the end is a little bit of a shocker. I love it though. Check it out:

The other thing though, is that everywhere you go you see this, people glue to their phones and even now on the bus people are stuck down reading facebook, twitter or watching a series of sorts. I myself am glued to my iPad even though I have a view. It’s the age of it and I’m not complaining about that but more the need to fill our lives with technology and fashion.

Think about it for a second, how often do you go to the mall and see tons of things you want? I bet, like me, it has happened most recently. You know those new shoes, clothes, the latest phone or even dishwasher or tv. It happens more and more the older we get.

We are all hoarders

Yes, we are not hoarders to the extreme but we do run around buying all the things we don’t actually need. Myself included. I’ve been researching products to buy that actually have no purpose and I know that I am not going to be using it but I must have it. the latest thing I am after is a console. I don’t play games much at all. But I must have it.

Then there is a new Apple gadget that I want. I have the list prepared, here it is:

  • Airpods
  • HomePod
  • Macbook
  • New Iphone
  • Apple Pencil ( I have this one now)
As much as we don’t like to admit it, we are like this gentlemen. We just think we are cooler.

Do I need any of these things? No I don’t. I mean I have 4 pairs of earphones. Two of which are wireless. I have a perfectly working iPhone and a keyboard for my ipad. But yet for some reason I am wanting them really badly.

Do me a quick favor, right now, draw up a list of all the things that you want you right now. Number them ( you can put it in the comments below) and then check if you actually really need any of them now, basically if you didn’t buy them that your life would end.

I bet most of them you didn’t need right? (You can put yes or no comments too)

You see, we are taught this way. Taught to want to quantify success by the objects we have. The kicker is these objects have to be biggest, latest and best. They cant just be the products we need.

That’s the problem.

My challenge – I don’t want to hoard

We think that buying all these things make us happy, solve our problems and create a better life for us. Sadly, the only thing they do is make us broke, put us in debt and put us further into depression. We don’t need everything we think we do and we definately don’t need them to quantify our success or make us happy. I can promise you that much.

So my challenge, is stop buying things I don’t need. To stop chasing the collecting unhappiness game and keep what I need and use and toss out what I don’t need. This is based on a documentary I watched a few days back about minimalism. It was an eye opener that actually caused a lot more concern that I am sure they intended but sparked this challenge of living with what I need and pursuing life in the greater context.

Yeah I, like you, have been pondering this question, what if I get rid of the things that didn’t matter would my life be better? They say that it would be.

Let’s test it I say! I love testing and experimenting so I want to challenge myself to see what it is like. But instead of dragging this article out and I am going to define the test in the next article for you. I just want to go into a bit more detail about where I am now and what I am going to be doing to test this theory.


PS – The documentary is on Netflix – The Minimalists. Give it a watch.

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