The I don’t want to be a hoarder challenge

The I don’t want to be a hoarder challenge

As I mentioned in this post (part one), I don’t want to be hoarder. That I want to test living the minimalist life to see what the out come would be in terms of living life and experiencing more than the undying need to have more. To work to buy things I don’t need to pretend to be happy.

A little background about me first

Before I dive into the details of this challenge, I thought that I would shed some light on me why this minimalism topic hit home so much.

I dont want to be a hoarder challengeSo I have become a bit of a gadget nut with excessive tendencies. It started with my first phone that I got just over 10 years ago. Since then I have had exactly 30 cell phones. That is on average 3 phones a year.

Usually one would’ve had 5 phones if you use the general 2 year contract rule. Then I have 3 PlayStations, several computers, 4 tablets, 3 smart watches and a few TVs. I have a VR headset that is collecting dust.

I vape instead of smoke. I have collected 4 mods (vape devices) and several tanks. I can’t even count. Then there are the shoes and clothes. The books.

Essentially I am a hoarder with a hunger to buy things in the hopes of being happy. As I type this on my iPad, my Apple TV is playing some chilled music through my whole sound system.

This isn’t showing off, its hoarding to be happy

I mean there are loads of you who have the same or better but we do it to make try make us happy. Take the phones as an example, 3 phones a year because I wasn’t happy. I thought it was making me happy but it wasn’t. It served no purpose but deplete my bank account at the end of the day.

I am not bragging, I am ashamed because all I have to show for it is the fact that I am going bald from stress, debt and I work to live month to month to pay for this habit of buying for happiness. It needs to end.

The challenge

The challenge that I have set myself is to go through all stuff and get rid of items that I haven’t used in the last 6 months. This is the starting point. Once I have done that I am going to go through it all again toss out what ever I know that I am just holding onto.

The purpose of this is to reduce my hoarding to the bare minimum. Essentially I want to have the following:

  • My iPad
  • My Phone and watch (health tracking etc – Another Article)
  • My TV – documentaries on Netflix and movie time
  • One Vape setup with two tanks (giving this up)
  • Clothing outfits for a week

This is essentially outlining what I need. The items that serve a purpose beyond just being there. Anything else must go.

The toughest part of this challenge in all honesty, is the temptation to buy. This is where I suffer from a major lack of self control. So I need to focus on this big time to keep myself from buying stupid things that I don’t need like two fidget spinners. I mean why do I need two of them let alone one?

So that outlines the challenge of living a more minimalist type of life. I have also included reduced TV times. As we all know TV is a major distraction that stops us from doing more than just sitting watching series etc.

Let’s see if this work? I’ll keep you posted.

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