Life is complicated machine, it never settles for long enough for us to really become comfortable with our situation. There is always some fancy wicked curve ball that decides to hit us on the head. We lay there wondering what the hell just happened? We never ever see it coming.

In some twisted way I like that though. Some people get by just fine living that boringly comfortable life day in and day out. How I don’t know. Don’t they worry about that curve ball? I suppose they aren’t really living the same life.

That may be nasty, its not. Its a choice. People chose their lives and how they wish to live it. If it makes them happy then great! I simply cannot live my life that way and its from a simple reason that I can die at any time. I could now while writing this. My heart could give out tomorrow or I get into a horrific bus accident on my way to work.

Scary to say but that is the truth and I want to know that I did more than nothing. This leads to the point, life is a series of choices that we need to make. Most of these are based off of what we want to achieve and the million random curve balls hitting us.

The problem essentially is that we let the happenings to us cripple us. Box us into this boring uneventful little box because we become fearful of what may go wrong. This is why we don’t really find real happiness. The happiness comfort brings is not what you though of when you were five years old and about to jump out the tree with a grin from ear to ear. Yes as that five year old child you were scared. Quivering as you were about take the leap but the excitement was what drove you.

This is the excitement that pushes us forward. The challenge of not knowing what could happen. You will never know what curve ball may come next but how you chose to react is what matters most. Its the choice that makes life these days.

Personally I cannot find happiness in comfort or the desire to be stagnant. I need to be the five year old little boy who is about to jump out the tree. I need to be in a noisy world that has a million curve balls waiting to knock me out at any waking moment. At least I am truly living my life.

My favorite quote states this: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Which I couldn’t agree more with. The actions of the curve ball is only 10% of life. Now do we really let that measly 10% hold us in 6 by 6 box with no real life?

NO! Now go jump out that tree and stop thinking that being comfortable is ok. IT’S NOT!

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