Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Change Is As Good As A Holiday

There is that age old saying again. You, like me, have probably heard to many times to count. It’s actually annoying now because is it really true? Is change really as good as a holiday in our day an age?

Change is as good as…

The last couple of days have really gotten me to think hard and re-evaluate who I am and where I am going. Partly the reason for this blog, a self discovery blog about me that I want to share with you. In that, these thoughts got me thinking about this change is as a good as a holiday thing and I can’t seem to understand why the saying came up.

I get that the similarity is that, change and a holiday can be stressful largely in the planning and eventually getting there but with a holiday it’s short lived. One week, a few days or possibly months but it ends.

Change doesn’t end. That is what we forget to understand. It’s not a simple fix that we just snap our fingers and boom done we are changed. It’s a really long and permanent system if you can actually stick it. Like this example;

change should be like a sunrise

I recently, alongside my fiancé, decided that a winter clean was needed and I purged so much stuff and re-packed my cupboards and organized everything. The challenge of this change, is not slipping into the habit of just leaving it and going back to just plopping stuff anywhere. You know, letting it get back to where it was.

Now this change, yes it is, was a good feeling. Almost like a holiday but now I need to force myself to not slip. To not let go of this system that I have created and it is tough because I so want to just breath and be. It’s no holiday.

Back to the point; change is no holiday, it’s a marriage

I am at this point where I want to change my style, my outlook, my hobbies and my time allocation to be a representation of my journey and unlike a holiday it isn’t just going to last a few weeks. It needs to be a marriage to this change. A commitment that is to last a life time.

I have to work at it constantly but not stress or fret the small things that aren’t material to the bigger picture of making it work. By no means is it easy. I mean let’s be honest, a relationship is hard and in that this relationship with change is hard but it can be beautiful and exciting. You just have to commit.

Take every motivational video, I mean a proper one, and the common underlying message is that it is hard work. It’s not easy but the rewards are completely worth it. Just like a marriage. It’s hard work that pays off.

Is change worth it?

To be honest, I don’t know. I haven’t truly committed to the changes I have set out for myself previously and as I near thirty I am almost desperate to make the changes stick this time round. Not because of my age but because I’m running out of time to do the things I actually like.

Obviously looking all eager and bright eyed and the changes I do think it’s worth it but let’s check in a months time haha.

In short, change is a commitment, a marriage, not a holiday that you have to work at. That you have to take a day at a time. Not pressure yourself into making it all happen over night. Marriage doesn’t work this way. Take the time and learn, discover and enjoy the journey ahead. Enjoy the change you wanting make. It will be worth it.

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